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How would you like your Internet-based video content to be consumed by a global audience directly on a television set where daily consumption is measured in hours versus the minutes a typical PC video session lasts without the hassle of a carriage agreement and guaranteed minimums? Why make consumers hunt for your content like they're on a treasure hunt when there is an easier and better way to keep them coming back for more and staying longer when they do?

WhereverTV perpetually updates our directory of live internet TV channel feeds and makes them available to an international user base with a passion for news, sports, and entertainment programming from around the world.

We provide our audience with the ability to build, save, and share an interactive program guide that follows them from place to place and from TV to TV. Consumers no longer need to surf to find your content on a PC. Instead, they now have a persistent reliable program guide on a TV that speeds and simplifies content retrieval, provides and a friendly and familiar interface, promotes audience retention, and increases viewing frequency.

We deliver an audience to you. And we keep them coming back.